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BIG Changes for My Family!

 Things are about to change a lot for my family! These changes are exciting, scary, new and huge! I am equally terrified and thrilled with what I am about to say and share with everyone. Before I say anything else I feel that I first need to share with you that the number one priority in my life are my children and my family. What?!? You mean to say that your job isn’t the first thing you devote your whole life to? Nope, my first and #1 focus is my family, and more importantly the God given role I play as a Mom to three beautiful little children. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the amazing opportunity I have to capture moments in time for lots of different families and people, but it’s not my biggest priority.

With that being said, the decision that we have made as a family will drastically change how I run my business and how I prioritize my time. My husband and I have decided to homeschool our children this upcoming school year. No I will not stop working and no it won’t affect the quality of my work at all, but it may change how much I work and when I am available for certain client meetings or sessions.

For the last 3 years my children have been involved in the public school system and have had amazing experiences and the most wonderful teachers and staff surrounding them. I too have been very active in the schools and hope to continue to be involved in certain activities and even more involved in the community. We are NOT pulling them out of school as a reaction to a bad experience, I want everyone to know that, and actually feel the exact opposite and will miss the interaction within the school system, but want to provide more for our children. It’s no secret that kids are exposed to lots of things at a young age that we don’t feel is necessary but also feel like we could provide our children with more experiences by basing our schooling at home and reaching out to the community from here. Having a college degree in education, I am very excited to provide my children with new opportunities to grow and learn and yet also scared by the huge responsibility that comes with this new adventure.

Homeschooling is a very foreign idea to so many and is certainly a new journey for our family too, but I am open to the idea and can’t wait to attempt this new adventure! With that being said, I couldn’t share this big news(big news for our little family at least) without sharing my children’s photos that I took about a month back… better late than never! 😉



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