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Mommy Monday- Mental Health Day

Today I took a guilt free, mommy mental health day! Every day I wake up, get my kids ready to go, do school with them all morning, take them on field trips, clean the house, cook meals, shoot sessions, edit and e-mail on the computer all night and barely leave any time for anything else in between. This past month of October has been a crazy one and I honestly felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t keep up with deadlines, e-mails piled high in my inbox, the many ministries I am involved in required my attention and all the while I was supposed to be running a household that included homeschooling our three kids.

I am a Type A personality for sure and get easily stressed out when I fall behind in any small task. I give 100% to everything however there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the demands I am trying to achieve. I understand that my business goes in seasons and in January I will be looking for things to do, but October kicked my butt!

So, today I took the day off. Probably not in the way you would take a day off. I didn’t get my hair done or visit a salon. I didn’t even get dressed actually. For me, a mental health day meant crossing things off of my to-do list. Is anyone else like that? I felt SO good about my day by noon because I had intentionally used every waking moment to tackle the small projects that were haunting me. I took the day off from homeschooling the kids and focused on the things around me that needed to be done. (With the time change and Halloween this weekend, my kids needed the day off. Plus they were SO excited to have the day “off” just to play that they never bothered me and were content to just be kids!)

I am excited that my counters are clear of bills that need to be paid. Coupons are cut. Laundry was folded. House was clean. I finished editing several sessions. And all e-mails in my inbox have been answered. Tomorrow I will get back into the chaos of life, but at least I know I was able to catch up on so many other little things.

Take a day off. Give yourself a break however that looks to you. You’ll be a better Mom tomorrow because you took the time today.


And because a blog post isn’t nearly as fun without photos… here is a recent cousin shot I took of my 3 kids and my sister’s 3 kids. Love them to pieces!


 And because my nephew turned 6 months old, and because I love him more than life, here are a few cute snapshots I took of him being his cute baby-self. (This was not a planned session, but instead some cute shots for memory sake!)

He is also REALLY good for my mental health! 😉




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